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Clinical Supervision

For Mental Health Practitioners 

Are you a mental health practitioner feeling run down, exhausted, overwhelmed, or feeling ineffective in your role as Clinician? Are you laying awake at night questioning everything you did during your day, playing out a difficult session questioning what you could have done differently?  Are you feeling challenged by client’s presenting issues and unsure where to go from here? 

 Clinical supervision is a vital part of taking care of yourself as a Clinician and is of great value to the clients you serve. Clinical supervision also serves to protect clients and ensures you are working ethically within best practice.  I offer clinical supervision, consultation, mentorship and coaching  for mental health practitioners practicing the controlled act of psychotherapy. I have successfully fulfilled all CRPO criteria for clinical supervision including 30 hours of clinical supervisory training.  

 I work very much in an integrative way much the same as I do with my clients.    I will work collaboratively with you to assess your needs, establish goals, and work to create a supervision plan that fits for your clinical development stage.  A large part of my supervision uses a wellness framework in order to ensure you are engaging in your own self care and wellness practices in order to do the work you love to do while taking care of YOU.  

Designations I support include:

  • RP(Q)
  • RP seeking hours for independent practice
  • RP seeking professional development to improve skills and competency in a range of areas.
  • RSW and other mental health professionals recognized to practice psychotherapy.

Delivery Options:

  • Individual Supervision: $120 +HST/hour
  • Dyadic: 2 participants $85+HST/person – 90 minutes
  • Group: 4-5 participants $60+HST/person – 2 hours

**Student rates available. Students must have appropriate liability insurance**